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Regardless of your age, you deserve a big, beautiful, broad smile and the confidence that goes along with it. Adult orthodontic treatment is growing rapidly in popularity and we see this first hand at PearTree Dental & Orthodontics. In fact, almost half of Dr. Ramoliya’s patients are adults who want a perfect smile or better bite. With the latest technology, private treatment rooms, and after work appointments, McKinney Orthodontics makes getting the amazing smile you’ve always wanted an easy and efficient process for adults. Dr. Ramoliya and his experienced staff encourage you to do something for YOURSELF, and believe it’s never too late to start treatment.

Dr. Ramoliya, delivers exceptional results to people of all ages, no matter how complicated the case. PearTree Dental and Orthodontics is proud to offer modern, state-of-the-art, individualized treatment options like Invisalign® , clear braces, Clear Correct

The Benefits of Adult treatment

  • Increase lip support and widen your smile
  • Improve self confidence with a younger appearance
  • Improve and maintain the health of your teeth and gums
  • Easier access to brush and floss between teeth
  • Improve your bite and function
  • Reduce jaw and joint (TMJ / TMD) pain like headaches
Life Uninterrupted

Our patients are often surprised at how easy and efficient treatment is at PearTree Dental & Orthodontics. We offer the most aestethic and technology forward options to transform your smile at any age. Most of our adult patients are in Invisalign because it fits in with their busy and active lifestyles and meets the aesthtic demands of today’s society.

Dr. Ramoliya, loves creating beautiful healthy smiles. Call Your Best Mckinney Dentist office today at 972 984 7666 to Schedule an Appointment.