Tooth Colored Fillings

PearTree Dental and OrthodonticsWhen the hardest substance in the human body turns to mush the invisible tooth colored fillings are your solution.
We all know what cavities are. Most of us know that SUGAR is the main culprit of cavities. When we eat carbohydrates or sugared drinks bacteria in our mouth turn them in to PLAQUE and bacteria in the plaque makes acid which turns our Rock like teeth into cottage cheese like mush.

When cavities are small you may not be aware of it until they become big and start to cause following signs and symptoms

  • Older fillings breaking or cracking
  • Sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet, sour foods
  • Black or brown stains on your teeth.

Sometimes cavities occur where two teeth meet, these are called FLOSSING CAVITIES. They arise when we don’t floss our teeth and bacteria causes tooth destruction between teeth. Most patients are not aware of them as they are usually detected on Dental X-rays.

Solution to the cavities depends on many things like where it is located, how big it is, how close to the nerve it is, how much tooth destruction has already happened.

At our McKinney Cosmetic Dentistry office, we like to restore these teeth in tooth colored fillings that are natural looking and fitting. Call Our dental office today weather it is simple filling or chipped front tooth. We are happy to take care of all your Mckinney Emergency Dentistry needs!